3D Gaussian Plugin

Real-time rendering of photo-realistic environments in UE5

Product Details

3D Gaussian Splatting is a technique for reconstructing scenes from multiple photos, whose accuracy is equivalent or better than NeRF, and whose rendering load is lower than NeRF.

Anyone can create 3D Gaussian Splatting data by using the official implementation↗.

This plugin is a importer and a renderer of the training results of 3D Gaussian Splatting.


Simple: Just a few clicks on the UE editor to import
Real-time: rendered at about 30-100 FPS with RTX3070, depending on the data
High portability: Fully implemented in Niagara and Material, without relying on Python or CUDA


・Import training results from the official implementation of 3D Gaussian Splatting↗
・Render the imported results in Unreal Engine

Free Demo

Sample scenes in EXE format are available for free.
Check the quality and the performance.

Download Demo↗


UE marketplace↗


Manual Page↗